A short time back – this being two weeks before Christmas 2017 – former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey appeared on the TV news again regarding the soon-to-be-released incarcerated. He strongly advocates for their employment, and they were filling out job application forms in the news article.

This is more than a Santa Claus issue. These guys have nothing going for them when they get out of prison. They need jobs to stay out of trouble, out of prison. I can talk from my experience. I had a hard time just a few months ago: I had no job, and savings were disappearing like greased lightning. I finally had to apply for social security benefits. It wasn’t much, but it kept the wolf from the door.

What would I have done if I did not have that to fall back on? What if I were younger than 62 as many of the incarcerated are? What would you have done? The formerly incarcerated know no other world than that of crime. They most probably would have turned to crime. This is one reason why they need role models and mentors. McGreevey begs outright for employers to “hire just one person.” Employers see this as a problem. But there are already programs in place in corporate America to help these guys: education, substance abuse counseling, psychological support, and so on. Use them and make the world a better place in 2018.

Happy holidays.