Schizophrenia is a terrible thing. It takes your life away. In my youth I was involved with a number of acceptable activities: Boy Scouts (I made it to Eagle). I played guitar though I was never satisfied with the quality of instruction that I received. I was always at the top of my class throughout school, for example, I received a full scholarship to attend a private high school where I graduated second in my class of about 100. In college I received a partial scholarship based upon an essay contest and always made the Dean’s List – except once. So there are some examples.

Schizophrenia appears in men about the age of 18. From there we can expect them to spend their lives in prisons and psychiatric hospitals or as homeless wayfarers – or so we are led to believe by the news media. I did respond to medication, and I went on to graduate school for a master’s degree in electrical engineering. I am retired now – unless someone has a paying job for someone of my age with gray hair. I noticed in my more recent interviews that there is not a gray hair in the room. I never get the offer though I more than meet the job requirements.

I do have other skills. I joined Mensa back in 1989. Since 2013 I attended The School of Visual Arts here in New York City. Some of my work is displayed on the school web site. But, easier to find, 10 of my works are included in my book In the Matter of Edwin Potter.

Schizophrenia does not mean my life is over.