Something should be done about mass shooters. Everyone says so. But the recommendations seem to be to take the guns away from the NRA. Apparently, this is not going to go anywhere, so more people will die as schoolkids did again in Colorado just a few days ago and again today as I write this. Something must give.

Let’s try this suggestion. This is my idea from a hard lesson learned. I had a schizophrenic breakdown resulting in the death of my wife back in the summer of 1979. My parents – my mother especially – saw there was something wrong with me, but they did not know where to go to get help or report the matter until it was too late. So, this is what I have to say: People can see when something is going wrong. If they see that someone is experiencing psychosis by collecting guns and saying that he is going to kill people, they should be able to report that with the result that he should be taken off the streets for a 30-day observation and evaluation.

 This is not a gun issue. The news reports following the shooting always indicate that the shooter has mental illness. Why, oh, why couldn’t we get him the help that he needed?

I was emailing a member of the Court just recently about this, and his remark was, “You are on point, but until this country is ready to seriously address the issue of mental health and provide the necessary resources to do so, things will not change.” 

Write to your legislator.