Back in February of 2019, I posted an article on SARDAA’s website regarding criminal justice reform in Alabama (“Finding Jobs After Life in Prison”). At that time, Cam Ward (R-Alabaster) was sponsoring a bill that would remove more than 700 sections of code from the Alabama constitution that restricts jobs that people can get after being released from prison. The idea was to make the individual a productive citizen and not a public safety risk. In April 2019, the Department of Justice released a report stating that Alabama’s prisons were violating the Eighth Amendment. (WHNT News 19; June 19, 2019)

Although Alabama has experienced tremendous economic growth during her tenure, Governor Kay Ivey “indicated she was preparing a plan to build three large men’s prisons” to address Alabama’s failing prison system. Alabama’s House Minority leader Anthony Daniels indicates “he will not vote for a plan that does not include comprehensive prison reform.”

“Brick and mortar do not solve the problem,” said Daniels. “I will not go into a special session focusing on construction. My focus will be on reform.”

“Daniels says he wants to see more programs like mental health for the incarcerated to help them get back into society after their release.”