I keep a casual eye on the local New Jersey news, and sometimes I hear some interesting things related to what I wrote in “Reducing Recidivism” (chapter 104). As an example, the Executive Director of the Trenton Housing Authority – W. Oliver Leggett – recently hired ex-cons as security guards in his 1500-unit complex (PBS NJTV News 12/2/2016). His reasoning is that if you put a person back into the community with no means for gainful employment, that person may very well turn to crime to support himself.

Samuel Frisby, a Mercer County freeholder and a CEO of a YMCA, said that legislation was passed about banning the box, and this action was bringing it to life.

Not everyone agrees to the decision. George Muschal, for example, is a Trenton councilman who spent nearly 40 years policing the city. His opinion is that you cannot just give keys to someone who has broken the law. I believe we need mentors as well to really make it work. I think my reasoning makes sense. Let’s see if it works.