Exciting things are happening in criminal justice reform in New Jersey. It has been said that New Jersey is leading the nation in this area, and crime is decreasing.

Assemblywoman Shavonda E. Sumter is a sponsor of the bill Earn Your Way Out. Its purpose is to keep inmates out of jail after release. It could save the State $69 million over 2 years. (PBS NJTV News 12/9/20106)

Presently 10,000 inmates are released each year. Most them are re-arrested, and 40% of those are returned to prison. This bill is designed to help low-level, non-violent ex-cons to succeed in life out of prison.

The plan assigns a mentor, something I suggested, to work with inmates so they don’t go back to prison. Sex offenders, murderers, violent offenders are restricted from this plan. Money will be coming from the Department of Corrections, and it is hoped that this will end mass incarceration.